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OUR GOAL - At Soggy Bottom, we pride ourselves on being able to accommodate whatever it is you’d like to do. You don’t just come to deer hunt; you can add a number of things to your experience all in one place. We would love to work with you to set up anything from a quiet weekend to a large corporate outing with 15-20 clients. We have the staff in place to build your perfect situation whatever that might be. 


THE LODGE - Our lodge was constructed by Cliff Turnipseed with Turnipseed Construction from Aliceville, AL. We’ve had nothing but great comments from everyone that sets foot inside. From its old Coke-container constructed cabinets to the wrap around front porch, it is no doubt one of the nicest places you’ll ever stay. Built from wood and tin salvaged from an old barn, it is truly a work of art. We are now offering the lodge for parties, corporate meetings, or just a great weekend getaway. We have large beds that sleep up to 18 or more if you’d like the kids to spread out on the couches. WiFi, Satellite TV, Surround Sound System, large dining room table that seats 14 (more can be added), an outdoor dining area that can seat 30-40 with a large well lit porch/roof, grills, and an outdoor kitchen. Please call us and we can customize any event you have in mind to fit your needs.


QUAIL HUNTS – Quail and Pheasant hunts are offered in a variety of settings: planted milo and corn, native grasses, thinned pines, with a number of different shots and flushes.  Let us take you and some of your friends or clients on a true gentleman’s hunt. We are currently managing areas to bring wild quail back to the area and are seeing results; with our fences, predation is drastically cut down. So, while you will have your share of great-flying pen-raised birds, don’t be surprised to see some wild flushes along the way.

For larger groups, we offer a continental pheasant shoot for up to 20 hunters. You will see top-notch dogs work that will deliver your pheasants to hand. Some think this style of hunting is not challenging but the number of shells on the ground after a hunt tells a different story!

Soggy Bottom Lodge is a proud member of the Alabama Quail Trail.

sog bottom

GUIDED DUCK HUNTS - Mallards are an all-time favorite species for traditional duck hunters. At Soggy Bottom, we offer a shortcut for the businessman/woman who can’t spend very much time over in Arkansas chasing the elusive Greenhead. You can stay with us close to home and have big, fat, mallards decoying in your face through the canopy and watch our top of the line dogs work; all from one of our cozy blinds. Or, choose to hunt our flooded corn and you’ll think you're right off the Mighty Mississippi decoying overhead Mallards! You are welcome to bring your calls and your own dog or they can be provided for you! 

Alabama White-tail

WHITE-TAILED DEER HUNTS - Always dreamed of that monster Mid Western Whitetail? Look no further. With over 13 years of breeding experience and high-quality genetics, our 1,234/acre enclosure has numerous 150” plus deer. If you don’t have time to get up to Illinois or make that long trip to Canada, please give us a call and you can do it in a weekend. People make the assumption that these deer are “easy” or “they’re not hard to hunt in a pen," but these deer are roaming the entire 1,234/acres and that allows mother nature to do a good job in hiding them. They are not pressured like a “hunting club,” so your chances of being successful are very high. Our guides are highly trained experts, they will find you you're dream buck here at Soggy Bottom Lodge. 

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BASS FISHING - While you're staying with us, wet a hook in our 21/acre trophy bass lake. It is stocked with F1 Tiger Bass (Florida/largemouth) and they are angry! These fish are being well taken care of and managed intensively and they are growing at a tremendous rate. You can catch your share or we have a boat that we can get you out to where the big ones live. We are also available for a kids' birthday party where you are guaranteed to catch your fill of fat bream right off our dock!


SKEET SHOOTING - Don’t forget about our 10 station skeet range. Come challenge friends or clients to a round of shooting clay targets in our five-stand, or try our 350/yard rifle range. This option is offered as a warm up to any of your hunts, or you can just book some time on the range to practice. It also makes for a great break time for you and your team members that might be using the lodge for a meeting space.