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Bass Fishing

"Angry bass" – that’s what most people say about the fish in the lakes at Soggy Bottom.  Our staff strategically manage the fish and their food to make sure we have the optimal number of fish in our lakes.  It doesn’t take long to see why people have the best fishing experience of their life when wetting a line here.  Big bass-lots of them! They’re hungry, and they hit a bait like a truck!

guided bass fishing

Family fun on one of our lakes.  Our guides can set you up to catch as many bass as you want.  It's no big deal to reel in 20 bass in an hour that average 3lbs. If you want fun fishing with lots of catching, then be sure to book a trip to one of our lakes with one of our guides.


Wide open lakes with structure on the bottom – otherwise known as “heaven for largemouth bass.”  That is exactly what we engineered when we built the lakes at Soggy Bottom.  We wanted plenty of room to get around but ideal habitat for our fish.

fish 1

Some people asked if this pic was real or what - well the truth is we had a wildlife photographer take some pics and he caught this action shot at one of our lakes.  Big bass, hungry, and they hit a bait like a truck.  We promise you'll have the time of your life on our lakes!

$250 Full Day 

$150 Half Day

*guide services will be available for $10/hour (5 hour minimum)

*nights stay, meals and drinks can be added for a additional $250/night

Creel limits apply