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Finding and Hunting Funnels and Pinch points Written by: Jerry Smyly

I often hear deer hunters complain about not seeing any deer while hunting. Nothing new there! However they often make the statement, “of all the trees in the woods what are the odds of them walking by my treestand?” If that is a serious question, then I’ve already identified the problem. You don’t just waltz…
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Recommended Products

Benelli Super Black Eagle II Shotgun Reliable Comfortable to shoot Comes in camo or black Came with 5 stock chokes from the factory Can shoot 2 ¾ - 3 ½ inch shells, all around gun for ducks or turkeys Great recoil pad Inertia driven, not gas operated Brandon has used a Super Black Eagle since…
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Overcoming Scent – Deer Hunting Tips

Having one of the greatest white-tail deer herds can make one a little complacent.  But before 180 class deer roamed the fields of Soggy Bottom, things were pretty challenging trying to get close to big deer.  The #1 culprit for any deer hunter is scent, no question.  You'll miss more deer you never see because…
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