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White-tailed Deer Hunts

Alabama White-tail

Come visit Soggy Bottom and bag the buck of a lifetime. 


$450/day to hunt which includes lodging, meals and drinks.

150-159                    – $5,000

160-169                    – $6,000

170-179                    – $8,000

180-189                    – $10,000

190-199                    – $12,000

200 and up               – $15,000

$250/night for non-hunting guest includes lodging, meals and drinks.

Guide will estimate class of deer during hunt but post hunt score will determine the price of your trophy buck.

Big bucks with big racks – that is what our clients and guests get with every trophy buck hunt at Soggy Bottom.

We’ve selected specific white-tail deer from herds that produce the biggest racks on the biggest deer possible.

And then we feed them all the best antler growing nutrition possible:  year-round food plot crops of high-protein food that our deer simply can’t get enough of, which creates monster bucks.

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  • Alabama White-tail
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  • Alabama White-tail
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  • Alabama White-tail
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  • Alabama White-tail
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  • White-tail deer hunt
  • Alabama White-tail
  • Alabama White-tail
  • Alabama White-tail
  • White-tail deer hunt